Best Review Of VLC Media Player

VLC Media participant is extremely popular, and for good cause – it’s completely unfastened, helps almost all file codecs without the want to download extra formats, can optimize video and audio playback for your selected device, helps streaming, and may be prolonged almost infinitely with downloadable plugins. those not most effective upload greater capabilities accessories to the participant – additionally they allow integration with different applications and streaming services.

VLC MEDIA player

vlc media
vlc media

Download here: VLC Media player

Developer: VLC basis

operating device: windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

version: 2.2

VLC Media participant helps MPEG and DivX streaming, and can play movies as they’re downloading, letting you watch the beginning of a movie after which decide whether it’s well worth downloading in complete. you can also play ZIP files without having to unpack them in my view. If a video is just too quiet, you can manually growth the film’s volume as much as 2 hundred% after the download is completed.

VLC Media player also can search for album covers. A playlist feature permits for multiple movies to play one after the opposite. this is particularly beneficial when you have downloaded a movie in numerous elements or just need to look at numerous shorter films.

VLC Media player isn’t just an app. It’s a lifestyles-saver. Are you seeking to open a video that’s in a layout your home windows or Mac device doesn’t help? VLC. Do you want to concentrate to song in a long-forgotten layout however don’t have a participant that supports something but MP3 and AAC? VLC. Do you need a decent DVD player for home windows? VLC. Do you want… you get the idea.

In a really perfect world the whole thing would just work while you wanted it to, however through the years we’ve evolved all types of competing codecs for song and video – and extraordinary transport mechanisms too, starting from discs to downloads and streaming. VLC Media participant is aware of about all of them, and meaning it’s our cross-to app for any kind of media playback.

VLC Media participant has excellent equipment for tweaking video and audio playback, it may play formats nobody’s stated for years, it’s blazingly rapid and it does the whole thing without adware, commercials or anything else needless.

aspect in a whole bunch of interface skins and a big library of , and VLC Media player is the Swiss military Knife of virtual media.

Its preferred interface is not as stylish as some media players, and would not make tagging as simple as some other equipment (specially MusicBee), but VLC is awesome, and without difficulty suitable good sufficient to emerge as your most important media player for each audio and video.

Best Social Media Tactics to Improve Campaigning on Captions

Social Media has become a worldwide phenomenon which has made hundreds of thousands and tens of millions of people global to be engrossed in its use, but for a social media web page to be a booming success specially within the global of entrepreneurship; one has to exhaust all the efforts to attract dependable fans. here are some of the maximum valuable hints on a way to make this possible:

Market Yourself On Instagram

insta social media
insta social media

Market yourself manifestly, the first actual component to do is to inspire and persuade humans to observe you and what quality way to do that is actually to “ask them to observe you”. this may be effectively achieved through making your web page to be had in social media pages so social media aficionados will now not take an excessive amount of time to search for your profile. this could be done in ways which includes:

· offer the links for your profile on the way to lead without delay in your internet site’s homepage.

· specific your sincere rationale to hook up with your subscribers in social media by means of sending them relevant emails.

· integrate your social media profile links with your e-mail signature.

· while you distribute commercial enterprise card, ensure that you include the social media profile usernames

suitable putting in place of Profiles
it is essential to mull over approximately lots of factors whilst you are initially setting up your profiles for the cause of increasing the range of social media followers; right here are some crucial details to bear in mind:

· THE SOCIAL NETWORKING websites for use. humans are presently on the trend of joining the bandwagon and attempt to be in nearly all social networking sites because they want to generate a massive quantity of on line fans. This isn’t always in reality cautioned due to the fact monitoring and preserving the number of fans might be pretty daunting. pick FEW however powerful SOCIAL MEDIA websites that is greater appropriate in your commercial enterprise. some of the most dominant web sites are facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram; whichever ever manner you want to sell your emblem, there are suitable social media web sites to be of use.

· set up YOUR PROFILE name. while you use unique profile names for each of the social media sites you’re into, it’d be difficult to gather fans because they would be confused. even if humans would like to observe your profile in other social media structures, they will in the end surrender if your profile may be very tough to find.

· USE ONE particular AVATAR. The avatar you use on your profile is what defines your page and sets you aside from the others. they’ll be a part of your identification and it’s far strongly advised which you use the one avatar for every of your profile on the exceptional social media structures. since the avatar is your identification, DO no longer leave THE AVATAR EMPTY.

· provide an in depth however CONCISE DESCRIPTION. provide humans with what you need to convey about your commercial enterprise. explicit in element what your enterprise can do for them and why they have to comply with your web page, this manner they may be compelled to click on your internet site link and analyze more about your brand and what advantages you’ll be capable of offer them.

Social Media page Automation
reality is, social media isn’t at all totally automatic, and you in reality must log in every time you want to make new posts or add files and pics. however, there are fail-safe ways to automate your social media web page; you possibly can make use of offerings like the HOOTSUITE and BUFFER to have a scheduled posting of pix, textual content posts and hyperlinks primarily based on your chosen date and time. WordPress plugins will also be installed in order that it is able to automatically send blog post links.

Automation greatly enables in establishing a powerful social media presence due to the fact thru automatic posts makes your emblem attain more human beings even when you are not logged in 24/7. however ensure which you also have time to log in and proportion a number of the posts and content from different human beings within the social media web sites who additionally share your posts. Take time for some online conversations as nicely.

Follower Engagement.
non-public presence on social media web sites does not absolutely need to be accomplished by using the enterprise proprietor, but having a group to do the posting and speak with the fans might be greater effective in generating extra social media followers. humans get extra fascinated while there are real live people they could speak with instead of just generated computerized messages acting frequently on their pages. This is basically why they call it social media because humans must socialize with actual human beings. remember that in the commercial enterprise international, you do not just sell your logo; you furthermore mght sell your self and your company. adding personal touch to engage with the capability customers is a ways greater effective than a hundred% automation. it’s far very essential to clients that if they have some queries or proceedings, there are real people they can communicate with. customers could experience that they may be valued by way of your commercial enterprise, after they acquire acknowledgements for their comments by way of giving them credit score thru you page or via posting a personalized weblog about them. cause them to feel your real presence and people to may be involved to observe your web site.

acknowledge other human beings’s content by using Sharing and Liking them
Spend as a minimum 15 mins or a touch more to read different human beings’s posts and remark or like the valuable and applicable social media content material they submit because this can encourage follower engagement and finally generate extra followers due to the following reasons:

· people continually decide upon a symbiotic dating; after they sense and recognize that you took time to comment and proportion their posts, it way which you spent some time for them. while this happens, most in all likelihood they could return the desire and share your content material with their personal audiences, making your emblem reach greater people.

· people and followers of these posts that you shared and commented to might be capable of see your name on their pages regularly and when humans continuously see you, they would most probably follow your web page inside the coming days.

· Sharing and liking different people’s content material will preserve you abreast about what is new and what are the contemporary traits inside the enterprise which you are into. it can assist you innovate and increase better posts that would clearly encourage extra humans to comply with your social media profile.

Cite different companies
if you want your enterprise or logo to be extra noticed in social media sites, correctly link to other corporation’s profile whilst you point out them in your posts. And in flip these corporations that you have made point out of and related to may even share the remarks to their personal web sites making you extra exposed to their very own audiences; this can then improve the number of you fans dramatically. This works the equal way while people reciprocate on your acknowledgements, organizations do too.

generating applicable content on a regular basis
humans could be extra interested to observe your page and proportion your posts if you have valuable and relevant content published regularly. it is better to formulate a everyday posting scheme with fairly-optimized content. one of the excellent approaches for human beings to stay in the minds of your followers is thru consistent presence thru everyday non-stop content material posting. human beings have to see ordinary activities for your page in any other case they could lose interest in following you. The things you select to put up to your web page would make a sizeable distinction; make sure that when you put up a few recommendation, your followers would get what they have got signed up for and make sure that each one your posts could increase your logo or your commercial enterprise. Unrelated posts would no longer be too useful and it will simplest purpose your fans to get bored and could not sell your page anymore. enhance your business with an exceptionally powerful content material.

Pay for exposure
Having extra exposure in social media by means of increasing the range of likes might be terrific for your commercial enterprise, but every so often you will need to spend a touch greater to enhance it a bit more to increase your horizons and widen your reach. The extra people see your page, the more opportunities of having greater fans and having extra followers would cause greater sales and in the end more profits. Paying to place advertisements will also similarly accelerate your enterprise and there’s a plethora of possibilities to get your ads published on pages you in no way knew that has ever existed.

Separate the non-public from the professional Entity
we have mentioned to present your web page a non-public touch, however that is a completely one of a kind issue. You shouldn’t get too personal and put in too much of your personal perspectives, options and critiques; because this would on occasion vex or bore your potential clients or even you present clients; and personal posts must be carried out on a separate social media account. Adhere to the topics that pertain to your enterprise because this is what human beings comply with you for.

perform a few Analytics to degree your achievement in Social Media
each commercial enterprise has to tune the effectiveness in their advertising campaigns even in social media. Measuring the achievement or downfall of the social media advertising strategy can be useful in developing new procedures for increasing the quantity of fans, although it would not just have to depend upon the quantity however of the great of the followers; it might be an awful lot better if there are properly-focused audience. The people who decide to follow your web page will make an awesome addition on your email advertising listing because they’ve initially shown interest in you brand or business. display and track how many of these followers have virtually visited your internet site via the hyperlinks you have got included on your posts; that is extra treasured in determining the fulfillment of your social media campaigns.

Evoke feelings
We someday need to involve feelings in particular a stroke of a touch humor; your posts might be extra exciting when a dash of humor is incorporated and it’s going to inspire greater fans to percentage your content material thereby making your profile available for extra potential fans.

recognise what your target market needs and What they may be interested by
Do not just put up what you observed human beings would want to see and examine because most of the time the stuff you think about won’t be exciting to most of the people. check out some analytics and attempt to search for matters that most social media aficionados are interested in. test what is been trending and what varieties of posts get the maximum comments, shares or likes. try to generate contents of the identical type, but also think about what your enterprise is all approximately.

submit Blogs on famous websites with the equal or associated niche as your commercial enterprise
Contributing applicable and distinctly-optimized weblog posts on popular niche sites and connecting them or linking them in your social media community profile gets more people fascinated to comply with your web page as it sends them a clear message that you do not simply sell your logo, however you can proportion valuable records to all of your fans. Having famous web sites have your content material posted on their web site might establish business and logo credibility. extra people clicking thru the hyperlinks in your blog publish might mean extra fans and this will honestly be suitable for your business as you are getting extra humans interested by your logo.

Generate network-specific landing pages
growing a touchdown page in your business web site for individuals who visit your social media web page and linking the pages on your other social; media bios might be one of the satisfactory steps making extra people aware of your brand. although it would generate best marginal wide variety of followers, it’d assist in riding more site visitors on your enterprise internet site and would certainly augment conversions.

Entice humans with incentives

one of the excellent methods to attract the attention of most web traffic is by means of providing them with incentives in the event that they comply with your social media profile, like and share your posts. humans are within the craze of what reductions, freebies and coupons they may get when they follow your web page. that is a surefire manner to encourage more human beings to observe you, but do not make the offers scammy and be real to all your gives. Make claiming of those incentives and gives smooth otherwise human beings might lose interest and they might suppose that the provide is only a scam to get them to observe your page.

What is Difference between Siva and Rudra

Siva and Rudra are the two names of the supreme deity of Hinduism. Siva is his benevolent manifestation and means all that is good. When humanity desires peace and harmony, it is a good idea to invoke its blessings, since it will grant its kindness and avoid all evil. However, it has a bad and destructive side, that side is Rudra. Sometimes it becomes necessary to destroy in order to renew. Rudra destroys for renewal. If we see sin around us, we can call Rudra to destroy and get rid of humanity, so that there is a new beginning. You may also visit to learn more about such similar terms and objects.

Siva in her peaceful manifestation will find herself sitting serenely with her consort the goddess Parvati on Mount Kailash. On the other hand, Rudra will appear dancing angrily in a setting of cremation. Siva is the carrier and nourisher of the universe until the time of the next cycle of creation, which is necessarily preceded by the destruction brought by Rudra. Of the 75 times that this deity is mentioned in the ancient Hindu Rig Veda, the name of Siva is mentioned 18 times. The rest of the time he refers to him as Rudra.

The deity Siva is kind and peaceful and loves to help his devotees. On the other hand, Rudra is a terrible manifestation and his devotees are in perpetual terror of his wrath. Actually, Rudra is an early form of Siva. He was the God of the storm in the Sanskrit language. Rudra means the savage. Siva became the best known face of the deity and is often portrayed in a family setting with his wife and children.

Siva and Rudra, in fact, portray the duality of the basic philosophy of Hinduism.

  • Good follows evil.
  • After dark there is light.
  • After life there is death
  • It is the eternal cycle of karma
  • Life leads death that also leads to life.
  • Siva facilitates life so that one day one dies. On the other hand, Rudra facilitates the dead so that one day he will be born again.

In Summary:

  • Siva is the benevolent manifestation of God and means all that is good. The bad and destructive side of God is Rudra.
  • Siva in his peaceful manifestation will be found sitting next to his wife the goddess Parvati on Mount Kailash. Rudra appears dancing angrily in a setting of cremation.
  • Siva is the carrier and nourisher of the universe until the time of the next cycle of creation, which is necessary from the destruction brought by Rudra.
  • Of the 75 times the deity is mentioned in the Hindu Rig Veda book, Siva’s name is mentioned 18 times. The rest of the time he is referred to as Rudra.
  • The deity Siva is kind and peaceful and loves to help his devotees. On the other hand, Rudra is a terrible manifestation and his devotees are in perpetual terror of his wrath.
  • Siva facilitates life so that one day one dies. On the other hand, Rudra facilitates the dead so that one day he will be born again.

What Baby Safety Equipment Should You Use?

Having a baby is a superb endowment of life yet it additionally implies that your heart is continually going as you stress over your tyke particularly on the off chance that it is your first time and he or she is next to no and needs most extreme consideration and care. On one hand it is about difficult to watch out for the baby constantly yet on the other great care includes you on a lasting watch. To pick up genuine feelings of serenity implies that you have to feel that you know where your little one is and what he or she is doing, to help you with this there are a few present day gadgets particularly intended to help you.

Observing frameworks

These days there is a wide determination of baby things which help guardians to give the vital safety to their youngsters. One of these most supportive gadgets is a baby screen. It gives you an awesome careful ear on your baby or little child notwithstanding when they are not close you. Such a gadget makes your child rearing life far less demanding and is an extraordinary unwinding help. Notwithstanding, you shouldn’t fly into the nursery each time you hear them mumble become acquainted with their ordinary clamors at first you will need to mind the baby to check whether he or she is awakening however time will demonstrate when you should give the consideration that is essential.

 Baby Activity Equipment

There are presently observing frameworks which have sound and video pictures and will give you a chance to have a perspective of the kid’s exercises and ready when he or she is having any issue. Again a few youngsters even can be woken by your an excessive amount of care occasioned by flying into the kids room. There are a lot of sorts and styles of checking frameworks to pick shape and I am certain there is one which will meet your prerequisites. The youngsters room isn’t the main place moms need to regulate. You would dislike your tyke to play around in the kitchen close hot stove and sharp questions. Your own particular kitchen can turn into a position of your supervision compete the screen.

Purchasing a baby safety observing gadget

Purchasing baby activity equipment and baby safety observing gadget pick the one which comes outfitted with no less than two recipients so both the guardians can keep one. The screen should be battery worked to be versatile so you can convey it anyplace with you. It is very prescribed.

It is shrewd for you to check the capacity of the gadget to have the capacity to change frequencies the same number of household machines and gadgets like TVs, radio can twist meddle with a few frequencies being used.

At the point when your baby is next to no it is sufficiently just to comprehend what is going on in his or her room while the youngster is dozing, because all the rest time when the little one is conscious you go through with him or her. At the point when the youngster develops greater it isn’t sufficient just to hear the little child yet it gives you much bit of brain in the event that you likewise can watch out for the newborn child.

Best Strollers Review: A Great Stroller Makes a Baby Happy

Strollers or baby prams help guardians monstrously in transporting their little ones. As bearing children and doing different exercises at the same time can be troublesome, guardians frequently put their children in strollers with the goal that they can juggle different errands while still watch out for their newborn children. Placing babies in a pram likewise enables them to show signs of improvement and more extensive perspective of their general surroundings. As children are regularly put inside a pram for a few hours, it is important to guarantee the stroller’s solace and safety for the baby’s purpose. Having all been uncommonly intended for babies, here are the best strollers surveys for various sorts of necessities.

1. Stroller for Newborns

Infants under a half year old have distinctive physical conditions from more established youngsters. As babies can’t yet control the development of their neck and head, they will require a stroller ready to embrace a full leaning back position. Extraordinary compared to other prams accessible for babies under a half year old is the Inglesina Zippy Stroller. Its reduced and lightweight outline enables guardians to effortlessly transport their little ones amid movements. To guarantee its safety, the stroller is furnished with a programmed guard bar bolt and a five-point bridle. With different selections of hues and a cutting edge plan, the Inglesina Zippy is one a la mode stroller.

 Baby Activity Equipment

2. Twofold Stroller

Having two newborn children or twins can be a significant modest bunch, particularly when you travel a great deal. The Baby Jogger Mini City GT Double is a standout amongst the most suggested twofold strollers for guardians with in excess of one newborn child. It is tough and can be used in all landscapes, for example, cleared avenues, play areas, grass, and other outside areas. The baby transport comes furnished with serenely cushioned seats, a wide shelter scope, hand-brake stopping, simple collapsing, and flexible handlebars. The pram can oblige two newborn child auto seats with a different connector. In any case, the absence of underseat stockpiling may give parent a few challenges in keeping fundamental things close by.

3. Running Stroller

Consistent with its name, the Jogging Stroller is most appropriate for running, running, or other open air exercises. Commonly, running strollers are lightweight and smaller. Nonetheless, they are generally not reasonable for babies under a half year old thusly strollers does not have the full leaning back component. The Baby Trend Expedition LX is a running stroller that fits your desire of an astounding baby transport which can suit exercises in the recreation center or around the area. This 3-wheeler offers distinctive choices for simple moving, for example, a bolted front wheel choice for running or opened wheels for pivoting. The 5-point outfit appended to the pram guarantees your baby’s safety amid the donning movement.

4. Spending Stroller

Strollers are accessible in numerous sorts, outlines, and cost. While the lesser evaluated ones may have less highlights, it doesn’t imply that they can’t be great. For guardians in a tight spending plan, Kolcraft Contours Lite is a decent decision. For under $100, the pram is as of now outfitted with all the important highlights you and your baby may require, for example, a five-point saddle, shelter, a multi-position leaning back seat, a youngster plate, container holders, and a capacity bin. The stroller is lightweight, and in this manner is extremely versatile. Nonetheless, a few guardians may feel that it is less solid because of its gentility.

The Size of the Maximum Cash Flow in Business | Business Study Notes

In the economic profitability calculations made in the context of the selection of investment projects, the “maximum cash flow” is not in itself a selection criterion but may constitute a rejection criterion when it is too important. In some industries, it is a key element in deciding whether to launch a new project. For companies working “on business”, this criterion is used to negotiate “co-financing” of development costs.

An additional criterion of profitability criteria

Remember that the economic profitability of a project is calculated from the investment cash flows (FTI) and operating cash flows (FTE) specific to this project. The maximum cash pool is based on discounted and cumulative free cash flow (FTD = -FTI + FTE). It is often visualized on the graph of the cash flow curve of the project.

In itself, the maximum cash flow does not evaluate the intrinsic economic performance of the project:

  • The internal rate of return (IRR) measures the intrinsic profitability;
  • Net Present Value (NP) and Profitability Index (PF) measure the value created above an expected rate of return;
  • The payback period estimates the time after which the company will have recovered the down payment corresponding to the initial investment.

A project may be very profitable but difficult to fund because the company does not have sufficient resources (capital contributions or current accounts of partners, reserves, loans to MLT, credit lines to CT …) to finance this maximum trough or not on the whole the business and projects it wishes to undertake.

This cash gap results from:

  • Investments in fixed assets;
  • Potential start-up losses and the constitution of working capital requirements that are deducted from operating cash flow

Illustration of the cash gap

An aeronautical equipment supplier manages several projects on behalf of its customers. These projects have an extremely long average duration, up to 40 years and require significant initial investments: research and development, prototyping, production lines. The contract provides for the supplier to finance these development costs itself, at least in part, and then recovers this down payment from the sale price of the parts over the period of sale.

Financial resources being limited in nature, before accepting a new business, in addition to the criteria of economic profitability, the equipment manufacturer will ensure that this maximum cash flow, called in the “low point cash” business is finance-able and does not not disproportionate to the value created by the project.

How to act on the maximum cash pool

First, as with any project, the company strives to act on the cash flow of the project to improve its performance:

Invest gradually by ensuring that some of the investments are made when the GTF has become positive;

Outsource investment-intensive and non-strategic BFR activities;

Strive to variabilize loads to gain flexibility and limit losses in case of under-activity;

Use underutilized assets in the enterprise taken into account at low or no marginal cost;

Finally, the supplier will endeavor to obtain from his client, as part of the commercial negotiation, a co-financing of the development cost in order to reduce his own maximum cash-flow and to financially involve his client. If you wanna learn more about such business terms and terminologies, than you need to visit Business Study Notes. Business Study Notes is all about business tips and tricks, entrepreneurship management, business education and exam study as well. We may also say that the student of MBA & BBA may easily get ready for their exams by reading Free Notes Online on Business Study Notes.

Benefits of a Limo Car Service

You want to drink alcohol, but you can not because you are the designated driver? You want to get out of town, but you have no idea about the instructions? So a Limo service is what you need. If you are considering traveling around the city in style, then there are several reasons why you need to hire a Limo Car Service.


No more traffic worries


If you want to go for a walk around the city then you need to know the roads and roads. If you find it difficult to read a map or if you do not have GPS services in your car, then a limousine service is the best for you. With this, you will have your own personal driver who can drive you around town safely.


It gives a great impression that


If you want to impress your family, friends, or partner, then a Limo Car Service is what you need. The sight of a limousine outside the house will certainly make briefs of gratitude from the people who plan to take along a leisurely walk through the city.


Large space, lower gas costs


A sedan or SUV can only accommodate some people. But with a Limo service, you can go to the clubs with a dozen of your friends. Not only will it give you a bigger riding space, it can help you save a lot of money because you don’t need two vehicles to get some location. If you decide to have a holiday out of town with your friends, you will be able to save money as the fee is less than the plane tickets or boat.


Keeps you safe and secure


A limousine car is considered one of the safest vehicles on the planet. Because it‘s made of bulletproof steel, it‘s ideal for people who live with death threats every day.If you are a VIP who wants to be transported safely to your destination, then a limousine car service is what you need to sign up.


Make your special day even better


If you are a blushing bride or if you want to be the Prom Queen, then a limousine service can enhance your special day. A Limo can make you talk about the city. This amazing car will surely make you feel like a princess on the biggest day of your life!
Now you can drink!
Are you tired of being the designated driver after a red city painting night? If you want to be able to drink and not worry about getting involved in a motor crash, then the services of a limousine car company are what you need. With a driver to help you with your needs, you can drink everything you want and still get home safe.
A limousine service can come to places safely and safely, and it can also make you look good in front of your family and friends. With the affordable prices offered by the Chauffeur cars Melbourne on the market, there is no reason not to sign up for these services for your next trip out of, or around the city.

Christians and Muslims ? Good Friday Importance for Christains

Today begins Ramadan for Muslims. Emmanuel Pisani, Dominican, teacher at the Catholic Institute of Paris, a specialist in Islam, answers questions from Sophie de Villeneuve. Sophie de Villeneuve: A surfer to asks if the God of Islam resembles that of Christians.

Good Friday Morning

EP: Both Christians and Muslims believe in one God. A priori, it is indeed the same God. But is the knowledge we have of it the same? That’s the real question. For Christians, no one has ever seen God. But Jesus Christ revealed it to us. In Islam, God says something about him, but we know him not by Jesus Christ, but by the Qur’an, and especially by divine names. God is the Almighty, the Merciful, the Omnipotent, the King, etc. God has 99 names. He also has attributes, given in the Qur’an, that make it possible to approach God, to have knowledge of it. From the outset, we therefore have different theologies. In Christianity, God reveals himself by his Son, by the Word incarnate, in Islam he reveals himself by names inscribed in the Koran.

These names given to God by the Koran, could they not also apply to the God of Christians?

EP: Yes, and besides the Bible also gives names to God. But while St. John writes that God is Love, this word love does not appear in the names that the Koran gives to God. For Christians, God is Father , Abba, and we have a relationship of filiation with him. This word father does not appear either among the divine names of the Koran. Finally, while some names may be common, they do not necessarily have the same theological meaning. Muslims call on a merciful God, who has mercy, and for us also God is merciful. But the Arabic words rahman and rahim mean rather the benevolence of God, who gives his benefits to all men, to all of humanity. As in the Bible, the sun rises for all men, the righteous and the wicked.

Does it seem that the God of Christians is closer to men than the God of Islam?

EP: In Christianity, God wants to be known. He is love. When we love a person, we want to live with her. God loves us and wants to live with us. He is made flesh to dwell among us, so that his creature whom he loves may remain with him. The Qur’an does not say that God is love, even if God manifests love for man. In Christianity, God loves the first. He loves us even before we love him. The Qur’an speaks five times about the love of God. This love is a reward for the love that man shows him. A verse from the Qur’an might suggest that God loves first, but he is a minor in the Muslim tradition on the issue of love.

When Christians discover Muslim prayer , in interreligious dialogue or living in Muslim countries, they often say that they are discovering another way of speaking to God and honoring God.

EP: I believe that discovering other religions can upset our. Our tradition sometimes runs out of steam in everyday life. The meeting of another tradition can bring surprise, and allow us to rediscover and reclaim the richness of our own tradition. Personally, it was while studying Islam that I rediscovered the flavor of my own religious tradition and the gospels that I have known since my childhood, but whose singularity I no longer saw. It was while studying the Muslim tradition that I discovered as backward the singularity and power of my tradition.

In the Christian tradition, we speak of a Trinitarian God, which astonishes many Muslims who say that we have three gods …

EP: Indeed, it is a great challenge for Christians to explain the unity of a God who is three people . Theological language makes it possible to account for it, but it is difficult. The fathers of the Church had rather recourse to images, like that of the sun: there is the star, which is the Father, the source, the principle, then the ray of light that springs, which is the Son, and the warmth and light that comforts hearts , the Spirit. All this is the sun, with a phenomenon of procession. The Trinity is a relationship.

This does not exist in Islam.

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Features of Best Assisted Living Facilities

There are many reasons behind why people choose assisted living facility. Mostly people choose because of aging issue as aging at a place isn’t as easy as it looks. While on the other hand, some people want to have such a lifestyle that is free from all of responsibilities like taking care of house, room, or managing expenses for utility bills and so on. In both cases, assisted living is a good option that may help you focus on whatever you admire.

Denver Assisted Living

When talking about features of assisted living facilities, you will surely get surprised after reading the basic features of assisted living. Services offered by today’s assisted living facilities are really great, but it sounds even better when there is personal interest of the staff in providing services to every resident. If you are not familiar with the concept of assisted living, then you will surely begin with one question like what assisted living is. To help you understand this concept completely and clearly, we Stacys Helping Hand, Inc have created this page.

Assisted living is a type of living option in which the residents are provided assistance when doing activities of daily life such as dressing, cooking, bathing, eating, drinking, walking around the facility, going out for appointments and so on. The main focus of these facilities is people of old age because surely seniors are the ones who will require help with daily living activities. If seniors are the main concentration of the facility, then why does it offer services for adults?

The question is absolutely right. In terms of adults, the facility offers same services and gives them a freedom lifestyle where there is not any kind of duty on the shoulders of adults. In both cases, the best assisted living facilities in Denver Co are a good choice. People in these communities/facilities feel the independent lifestyle and mix it with their old life with the aim to give peace to the mind and stay calm as much as possible. Only due to peaceful and lovely environment, experts recommend assisted living facilities for aging specifically.

Apart from daily living activities, most of the services offer some additional services as well with some extra fees. These additional services include housekeeping, Alzheimer’s Care, access to the health services, staff for your personal needs, emergency call system, 24 hour security, medication management, exercise programs, social and recreational activities and person laundry services. There are many accommodation options available at the facility depending on your taste.

Sometimes people like to live in a shared room, but a few admires it single. It is entirely on your taste. Average assisted living facility comprises living apartments starting from 25 to 120 including living units. Some are shared apartments where the rest are surely single. Some private rooms also contain two seats, one for the resident and other for special staff to take care of the resident. These are the features of the best assisted living facilities in Denver Co. You can find out more on the internet.