Unethical Carpet Cleaning Tricks And How To Avoid Them

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

As much as we would like out carpets to remain clean 24/7, it is practically impossible. Despite all the efforts in keeping it clean, dirt will eventually come for different reasons -maybe from stepping on it, spilling and staining. It is the reason a carpet requires to be cleaned regularly to maintain their look. It is a fact that a clean carpet adds value and authenticity to your home or office. But how clean your carpet is equally important- you should apply some of the most effects cleaning methods. Here are 10 of the best Carpet cleaning tips and tricks you can use.

  • Vacuum regularly

Every time you step on the carpet, you leave some dirt behind. Since it is not possible to deep clean you carpet regularly, you need to have a way through which you can be removing this dirt regularly to keep it looking nice. This is where regular vacuuming is recommended. A vacuum cleaner will pick dust and debris thus keeping your carpet looking good always. The frequency at which you vacuum will be dictated by how much the carpet is used. If you are a bachelor, doing it a week will enough. If you have a large family and pets, do it at least thrice a week.

  • Deal with spills immediately

Be very careful with spills. It is easy for them to become stains if they are not treated immediately. The secret to keeping your carpet clean for a longer time is dealing with any spill straight away. The best way to deal with them is soaking it with a dry sheet or using the carpet cleaner before it soaks in. You must also be wary of how clean it. The worst that you can do to your carpet is trying to rub off the spill. This will drive it further into the carpet making it hard to clean and may result into a stain.

  • Use the right solution

Use of the wrong solution is a common mistake in carpet cleaning. For the carpet to be cleaned properly, the right solutions must be employed. In many cases, the manufacturer will recommend the right solution to be used. Most of the suggested solutions are manufactured specifically for those carpets. Most people will be tempted to go for cheaper solutions that are poorly manufactured. Others may opt to go for homemade solutions. These solutions are likely to damage the carpet either by fading or tearing it with time. Some may leave behind a foul odor even after rinsing several times.

  • Test for solution’s colorfastness first

If it is the first time to clean with a solution, it is important to test its colorfastness first. Some solutions can destroy your carpet mostly by fading its color. You need to check out if the carpet color will be affected by the solution. Start by cleaning small area first and see how the detergent works. You may also use a white towel to rub the carpet to find out if there will be any color on it. If at all there will be even small traces of carpet’s color on the towel, you should avoid using that solution since it will fade the carpet. It is also likely to lower the lifespan of your expensive carpet if used.

  • Pre-treat if necessary

If you don’t clean your carpet regularly, pre-treating it before actual cleaning will be required. Sometimes the carpet may be extremely dirty and intensely stained for regular cleaning. Pre-treating helps in soaking the stain and dirty for easy remove. You need to apply the pre-treatment solution on the heavily stained or soiled areas and allow it to soak in for a moment. This will make it easy for the cleaning exercise and save on the cleaning solution used. It is also worth noting that pre-treating reduces wear and tear associated with the vigorous scratching of the carpet on heavily stained areas.


When can i put down furniture after a carpet cleaning?

Once your carpet is professionally cleaned, you will need to wait a few hours before you can resume normal day to day activities as well as putting the furniture that goes into the room with the carpet back. The general rule of thumb is that you should wait about 24 hours before putting the furniture back on the carpet. This will ensure your carpet is fully dried and ready to go. You should also consider purchasing waterproof protectors beneath the legs of the furniture. These protectors let you replace the furniture immediately after the cleaning.


After your carpet has been professionally cleaned, you will want to wait at least 6 hours before you can walk on it. This way it gives the carpet enough time to dry in most areas that can handle walking. The time is increased to 24 hours for furniture because they are normally heavier and stay in one spot rather than moving across the carpet. If you need to walk across the carpet, then you should wait 30 minutes after the cleaning finishes to walk on it. For extra protection, remove your shoes and walk on the carpet with clean socks, preferably white.


What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning carpets is preferred by many people because it only uses heat and pressurized water or steam to remove ground-in dirt and other particles. The professional will use a truck-mounted steam cleaner in most cases to propel heated water and steam into the carpet. This combination of high pressure and a high temperature effectively dislodges particles that have been cleaning to carpet fibers. Some commercial steam cleaners have an agitation feature to dislodge more particles. A powerful vacuum then extracts the moisture and the loosened particles.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Carpet Steam Cleaned

As you explore the best methods for cleaning carpets, the pros and cons of various steam cleaning methods should be reviewed. When professional cleaning services are used, steam cleaning is an effective way to remove ground-in dirt, and it is even effective at removing mold and mildew. Because the truck mounts generate substantial power from the commercial-grade carpet cleaning equipment, more water and dirt is extracted than what a consumer-grade carpet cleaner may be able to remove. Furthermore, the drying time is minimal, and related staining is not a concern if the carpet has adequate time to dry before you walk across it. Steam cleaning is an effective way to rejuvenate carpeting and to extend its life, but it is not effective at removing stubborn or deep stains.


Reasons Why Your Carpet is Respotting

There are two main reasons why your carpet shows stains after giving it a thorough scrubbing and shampooing. They are: wicking and residue. Let’s see how each manifests itself and how to tell one from the other.


Stains from wicking are deep and come from the core of your carpet. When you spot such a stain, it means that the carpet’s fiber, pad, and back are all soiled.

As you scrub a notorious stain, there are chances of using excessive water during rinsing. It leads to saturation of the stained area, and the excess moisture finds a way into the padding and backing of the carpet. When the water reaches into the depth of the stain, it is discolored, and the dirt spreads outwards.

You may try to rinse your carpet as many times as possible, but the deep stain will keep wicking dirt to the surface. As the carpet dries, the dirty water wicks to the top, and you will see ugly stains staring back at you.

When the spots appear right after the carpet dries, you can be sure that wicking is the culprit. It is as a result of over rinsing and saturation of the carpet’s fiber, padding, and backing.


Residue stains are shallow. They actually come from the carpet’s fabric. Typically, these are the remains of detergents you use while cleaning. These stains are common when you use traditional cleaning and rinsing methods, which leave behind soap and shampoo residue that could even result in mildew.

The residue will attract all manner of dirt and dust. It can turn out to be a nightmare for those living in areas with high traffic. Anyone stepping on the carpet in their shoes will leave soil in the fabric.

As long as you are using convention carpet cleaning methods, the residue never goes away. Even if you try vacuuming it, the stains will keep showing up.

You are dealing with a residue problem if the stains appear a week or longer after cleaning. The sad conclusion is that the cleaning method you are using cannot take out the residue..


What Is Carpet Shampooing?

Carpet shampooing is similar to steam cleaning in that high temperature and high pressure are combined to clean the floor, and this cleaning method adds the additional element of carpet shampoo. In many cases, this is a dry foam cleaning agent, but your professional may use an alternative shampoo method. These elements are combined to create a thick lather that effectively loosens dirt so that it can be extracted. The cleaning machine usually has rotating brushes that provide suitable agitation to loosen more dirt and even to scrub away deep stains that have been engrained in carpet fibers. Carpet shampooing includes the additional step of rinsing the carpet with fresh, hot water. This moisture must then be thoroughly extracted with a powerful vacuum.